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Close Your Top Candidates Like Never Before with Candidate Rewards

Deliver a personalized candidate experience to engage, amaze, and close your top candidates with Candidate Rewards.

Our candidate experience software helps you show your candidates a comprehensive picture of your brand, values, and unique culture. It also allows you to communicate the complete value of their offer, including all cash and non-cash rewards.

The Significance of Candidate Experience in Recruitment

86% of recruiters feel that today’s recruitment market is candidate-driven, which offers far more power to the candidates. These days, you don’t pick talent, talent chooses you.

That’s why it is absolutely necessary for companies to improve their candidate experience to attract and recruit top talent.

Let’s take a look at how Candidate Rewards can help you enhance your candidates’ experiences.

Introduce Candidates to Your Company

Our candidate experience software helps you educate candidates on your company’s history, mission, core values, and unique culture. You can communicate your employer value proposition using videos, colorful graphics, and personalized content.

Explain the Full Value of Your Offer

Present the full value of your offer to candidates with a customized and interactive portal. You can mention your candidate’s complete cash and non-cash rewards such as direct pay, long-term incentives, employee benefits, and retirement contributions.

Learn What Candidates Value the Most About Your Offer

Candidate Rewards helps you gather valuable insights about the real-time behavior of your candidates when they interact with your offer. This helps you understand what aspects of your offer each candidate values the most.

Gain an edge over other employers by delivering an improved candidate experience with Candidate Rewards. This will help you turn the recruiting game in your favor and close more top candidates.

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