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Take your employee onboarding experience to the next level, with CandidateRewards’ employee onboarding software.

Why is Onboarding Important?

Lack of proper employee onboarding and training tools or a poor onboarding experience are key reasons why employees quit their jobs.

During the onboarding process, new hires get their first impression of your company. If the new hires form a negative first impression about your company, it might be difficult to change that later.

Providing a good employee onboarding experience is critical to retain talent and make their integration into your company easier.

Key Aspects of an Effective Employee Onboarding Experience

The purpose of the employee onboarding process is to prepare the new hires for their new jobs and ensure a smooth integration within the company and the team.

To achieve this, an effective onboarding process should:

  • Acquaint the new hires with your company’s culture and work environment
  • Inform them of all of the perks of working with your company
  • Equip them with all the tools necessary to fit into the company with ease
  • Make them feel welcome

How Can We Help?

CandidateRewards is one-of-a-kind candidate experience and employee onboarding software. Using our effective onboarding solutions, you can easily provide a smooth and optimized onboarding experience.

Following are some of the amazing features that we offer:

Create personalized candidate profiles, where each candidate can model and select their benefits options in an interactive manner.

Post video content explaining life at your company, work culture, and any other relevant information, to prepare the new hires well in advance.

Make candidates feel welcome by sharing introductory and welcome videos from leaders and managers.

Don’t wait for the employees’ first days at the company to start the onboarding process. Prepare and inform them well in advance to ensure an optimized onboarding experience.

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