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A Powerful Candidate Experience

Engage, amaze and close your top candidates like never before with CandidateRewards™, the first customized and interactive candidate experience platform for each of your top candidates. Create an engaging and personalized portal that presents a comprehensive picture of your candidate’s cash and non-cash rewards while positoning your organization as the clear Employer of Choice with timely videos, graphics and personalized content about your history, mission, core values and unique culture.

Real-time data and behavior analytics provide actionable insight into the level of your candidate’s engagement as well as those aspects of your rewards package they value the most. Learn how leading edge organizations are leveraging CandidateRewards to engage, amaze and provide a powerful candidate experience that helps close their top talent faster.

Present The Full Value
of Your Offer

Show your candidates the full value of their total compensation should they join your organization — direct pay, equity, long-term incentives, bonus potential, employee benefits value, matching retirement contributions and time-off values — all wrapped in an amazing and unique candidate experience. Reduce the time consuming and expensive back and forth of counter offers so you can close your candidates faster.

candidate rewards software
“Based on the savings we’ve experienced so far, we’re easily looking
at a six-figure savings for the fiscal year.”
Michael Krug, Manager Talent Acquisiton
Hoag Hospital

Your Candidates Can Model
Their Pay and Benefts

The days of sending outdated benefit brochures and hard to calculate rate guides to candidates are over.
With CandidateRewards, your top talent can model the various benefit options such as insurance coverage levels, supplemental insurance options, pre-tax benefit programs and tax-deferred retirement plans to compare and understand how those personal selections impact their direct pay.

Candidate Recruitment Software

Promote and Educate Your Candidates
And Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Promote and educate candidates on your company’s history, mission, core values and unique culture. The best employees want to work for an organization with a compelling mission and strong values. Strengthen your employer brand and competitive advantage by communicating your Employer of Choice messaging through the use of videos, colorful graphics and personalized content by job category.

Gain Valuable Insight Into What Candidates’
Value Most About Your Offer

Our behavior analytics and reporting package provides clear and valuable insight into what components of your total rewards package are most important to each candidate. This RecruiterIntelligence™ feature helps recruiters close candidates faster by providing real-time data and actionable insight.

Additional Features
to Close Your Top Talent

Amazingly Fast Creation

Create a personalized candidate portal in less than 3 minutes

Built for Mobile

CandidateRewards is optimized so your candidates can receive your offer presentation wherever they are

Track Acceptance Statistics

Select whether a candidate Accepted or Rejected an offer so you can monitor the success our platform
has on your recruiting efforts

Display Informational Company Videos

Upload company videos to present your employer value proposition such as a CEO welcome video along with videos highlighting your unique culture, mission and core values

Roles Based Access and Authentication

Administrator and Recruiter access allow your team to interact with the platform based on their roles to create portals and view behavior statistics in aggregate, by job category or by individual candidate

Dedicated Implementation Support

Our solution includes dedicated, best-practice support by a team of specialists who will build, train, update and keep everything running smoothly so your team gets the most out of the platform

… Plus Many More Features
What will CandidateRewards do for you?
  • Boost candidate engagement with an amazing candidate experience
  • Gather real-time behavior that helps your understand what aspects of your total rewards package
    each candidate values the most
  • Increase offer acceptance for your hard-to-fill positions
  • Reduce time-to-hire and close more candidates!

Learn how leading edge employers have massively changed the recruiting game in their favor and
closed more of their candidates using CandidateRewards. Request your personalized demo today.

Who We Are

We werw founded in 2007 in sleepy Rocklin, CA

First total rewards communications cloud platform vendor

We’ve had triple digit growth since founding

Over 500 customers using our platform and growing

Our statements are delivered in 40 countries

We run on 60% hard work, 30% inspiration and 10% caffeine

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