Everyone has always worried about technology replacing us in the workplace. Today, more people are seeing the possibilities of the ways technology can enhance our workforce. We all have some pretty advanced tech at our fingertips, but nothing in the world can replace human effort and instinct yet. One of the ways that technology is going to enhance the labor force is through the hiring process.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Recruitment.

In the past, recruiting has been a method of filtering down prospective employees to the best fits for your workplace and then starting the interview process. Recruiting can take a lot of legwork and be a drain on your HR department. The growing trend is a recruitment process that takes advantage of things like chatbots and automated interviewing.

These AI-based features will speed up recruitment while freeing up more time for HR personnel to address other needs. These 24/7 functioning systems will be able to go from searching for applicants to setting up interviews in a matter of hours. Talent acquisition is becoming a rapid process.

Chatbots: These small AI features will actively engage more applicants and increase your outreach efforts.

Automated interviewing: These applications are going to replace the screening interview. They will quickly filter out the types of candidates that you wouldn’t hire anyway.

An in-person interview is still always going to be required, but these systems are altering the way we look for employees. With quality programs, only the top-notch prospective employees will reach the bottom of this funnel. So, the people conducting interviews will already have the best candidates to choose from to fill the open position. The job of human resource personnel isn’t going to go away, but it is going to change.

The Future of Human Resources.

The job market is shifting towards the employees. There are many opportunities out there, and everyone is trying to drive attention to his or her business at the same time. Human resources personnel will have to learn how to reach out through the noise and make long-term connections. In a way, they will have to become salespeople. They will be selling their company and its open positions to potential employees.

HR people will have to learn to think like marketers. Industries are just beginning to understand all the ways that they can reach out and get people’s attention. This is another area where AI and chatbots can increase our efficiency. Social media has proven to be a powerful tool, and AI algorithms can help us use it more skillfully. AI systems can read the trends of the world and identify the sensitive points to focus on. They can even build the content that we post.

In order to survive, businesses have to grow and change with the times. Human resources and recruitment are no different. In the past, HR had to filter through applicants, see their potential, and interview to sort out the best. Today, they will have to convince applicants that their business is worth their time.

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