Finding and attracting great talent keeps getting tougher with each passing day. Why? Because the people you want to hire don’t respond to traditional recruitment techniques any longer. So it’s crucial for companies to look for new and innovative ways that can connect them with the right talent easily and quickly.

As of April 2018, the number of eligible people looking for jobs in the US stood at 6.35 million. However, the number of open positions were just short of 6.7 million. This clearly indicates that recruiters are somehow not able to connect with the talent they need.

Obviously, every company would like to speed up their recruitment process. However, it shouldn’t come at the cost of overburdening your recruitment team. So you need to look for some creative recruitment marketing ideas to find and recruit the best talent.

Let’s take a look at some of the simplest and easiest recruitment marketing ideas to attract the best talent to your company.

1. Share Your Organization’s Story

Getting the right talent on board requires a large amount of effort and patience.

Storytelling can be a great way to attract and motivate the right talent to work with you. In fact, one of the best recruitment marketing ideas is to share your organization’s growth story with your potential employees.

When you work on such a strategy, remember to make your story engaging while keeping all relevant information about your company intact.

Brands like Nike, Accenture, and KPMG have been utilizing this impressive recruitment marketing idea for years. This has helped them make their recruitment processes more effective and efficient.

Accenture Creative Recruitment Marketing Ideas

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2. Appeal to the Needs of Unhappy Employees

According to a study by LinkedIn, the #1 reason why people change jobs is to advance their careers. 45% of the survey respondents said that they changed jobs due to the lack of opportunities to advance their careers.

In the same study, 36% of people said that they left their jobs because they didn’t like the company culture. 34% of them said that they did so because they were unhappy with their compensation and benefits. And 32% reported that they were unhappy with the way their contributions were recognized.

When employees are not appreciated enough for their hard work, it demotivates and frustrates them. If you can offer solutions to what makes them unhappy at their current jobs, you can attract them effectively.

For example, if commuting to work is a major hassle for many candidates, you can advertise your work-from-home options. You can also choose to promote the benefits and perks you offer such as your beautiful office spaces, free gym memberships, free food, or your fun culture.

LinkedInlife Creative Recruitment Marketing Ideas

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3. Advertise in Unexpected Places

Traditional channels of advertising are no longer the only places to let people know about your current job openings. Sharing your job openings in unexpected places can help you attract the right talent to your company.

One of the finest examples of such a campaign was carried out by Volkswagen. When they were looking to hire talented new mechanics, they distributed damaged vehicles to repair shops in Germany on purpose.

Each of these vehicles had a hidden job advert on their undercarriage. This helped the company bring in some new talent and establish itself as an innovative recruiting brand.

4. Use Videos to Promote

One of the most popular recruitment marketing ideas today is to use video content to promote your jobs.

78% of people watch online videos every week and 55% of people view them every day. The interactive nature of videos has changed the attitude of recruiters and hiring managers alike. Many brands promote their open positions through engaging videos.

Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelancers, created an interesting recruitment video. It takes viewers on a tour of their workplace and their fun culture. Such videos can be great for attracting the right talent to your organization.

Fiverr youtube Creative Recruitment Marketing Ideas

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5. Leverage Social Media

Don’t limit social media to sharing content that attracts potential customers alone. You can also use it to attract the best talent to your workplace.

In fact, job seekers perceive social and professional networks to be more useful for job searches than traditional sources like job boards, recruiting agencies, ads, or referrals.

So sharing interesting updates on LinkedIn and your job openings on Facebook and Twitter are some great recruitment marketing ideas.

wallace group Creative Recruitment Marketing Ideas

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Final Thoughts

Traditional methods of attracting and hiring talent are losing their effectiveness gradually. Which means that you need to use creative recruitment marketing ideas now more than ever.

Push yourself and look for ways that can help you attract the best talent to your company. You need to look for ways to sell the experience of working with you. Highlight your company’s values and culture so that candidates know the kind of people you are looking for.

Can you think of any other interesting recruitment marketing ideas to attract the best talent? Let us know in the comments below.

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