During every interview, candidates form perceptions about an organization based on their interactions. If a candidate’s experience has been smooth, it is likely that they will form a positive image of the organization. However, a bad candidate experience can damage any organization’s overall reputation.

Along with a bad brand image, companies could also lose out on some great talent because of this. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to candidate experience. Hiring managers need to constantly work to ensure that candidates and their needs are not ignored. Following candidate experience, best practices can do wonders to your recruitment drive.

Let’s take a look at some of the best practices that you can incorporate to improve the overall candidate experience.

1. Simplify the Application Process

Right from the process of finding your job posting to applying for it, everything is a part of the candidate experience. One of the best practices for improving candidate experience is to make the application process simple.

First, take some time to write the job descriptions clearly, and make it simple and concise. You should give your candidates insights into the roles and responsibilities and also introduce them to your company’s values. Set clear expectations right from the beginning.

Next, ensure that the application process is not very time-consuming. If it takes three hours just to fill out forms to apply for a job, you may lose out on good talent. Good candidates value their time and know that they have a lot of opportunities waiting for them in the job market. So, make the application process quick and easy.

Of course, that doesn’t mean skip out on getting the information you need. But to make the process easier, you should allow candidates to finish the application process online. And make sure that you are not asking them to fill out the same information multiple times.

2. Update Candidates about Application Status

A lot of companies only respond selectively to the applications that they receive. While it may save them a ton of time and effort, it gives the company a bad reputation. It’s best to acknowledge every application that you receive. Leaving candidates hanging about the application status can make them feel frustrated and upset.

The best way to ease this process is to automate it. There are software programs that will automatically send emails to applicants once they submit their applications. At a later stage, it is better to get in touch with them directly.


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At the end of the recruitment cycle, you will need to send your candidate details like the offer letter, agreement terms, organization policies, and other documents. You can use CandidateRewards to offer a custom designed interactive offer letter. Along with the breakdown of salary components and benefits offered, candidates can also see videos from prominent people in the organization.

3. Display Your Company Culture on Your Website

Inform candidates about the kind of work culture they can expect at your organization before they apply. Display your organization’s values in the career section on your website. It may seem trivial, but it works in the long run. That’s because it can help you find candidates whose values match with those of your organization’s, making them more likely to stick with you.

Also, instead of only telling them about a particular job role, showcase it. Set up an employee blog where candidates can learn more about a job role from people in the organization. This gives the job descriptions a human touch and more authenticity.

Another way of displaying company culture is to create a small booklet showcasing company culture. When candidates are waiting for their turn during the interviews, they could take a look at it. Use photographs from recent company events and meetings to give them a better idea of the work culture at your organization. Best practices like this can improve the candidate experience during the recruitment process.

4. Give Detailed Instructions about the Interview Process

Every candidate who is applying for a new job is slightly nervous. They might have several questions, but may be too shy to ask anyone.You need to make sure you are answering all of their questions beforehand.

Communicate details regarding the interview including time, date, venue, as well as whom they should contact in case of any questions. Tell them which documents they will be required to bring. Also, mention the approximate duration of the interview and who will be on the interview panel.

After the interview, let them know when they should expect to hear from you. If there is another assessment round ahead of them, provide them with the relevant details. This is one of the best practices for candidate experience as it doesn’t leave any room for confusion.


The best practices for candidate experience are sometimes ignored during recruitment process. This could give your organization a bad reputation and high employee turnover rate. If you want to get the best talent, make sure you’re delivering a great candidate experience.

Which other candidate experience best practices have worked for you in? Tell us in the comments section below.

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