At first glance, hiring employees might seem like a simple process. All you need to do is post the open positions on job boards, take a look at the applications you receive, conduct interviews, and pick the most suitable ones, right? How difficult can it really be?

While it might seem pretty straightforward in theory, ask any recruiter or small business owner, and they’ll present you with a whole different story.

In fact, according to a report by McKinsey, 82% of companies do not believe that they hire quality talent.

With increasing competition in the market and a dearth of a talented workforce, hiring employees has become very challenging. However, there are a few things that can make it easier.

Here are seven awesome tips to source the best talent for your organization. Without further delay, let’s dive in.

1. Leverage Employee Referrals

This is the best and perhaps the easiest way to hire employees. Start by looking at the people who are already a part of your organization. Employees are the best sources as they have extensive peer networks which you can tap into.

According to a report by LinkedIn, 48% of businesses state that employee referrals are their top source of quality hires. So if you’re not leveraging employee referrals yet, you need to start right away.

2. Use Online Job Portals and Career Sites

Whether you hate them or love them, online job boards are the simplest way to get your job listings to reach a large number of job seekers.

According to a report by Pew Research Center, one in two US adults have searched for jobs online. And a whopping 45% have applied for jobs using online career sites and job portals.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this method is that businesses often report that the majority of applications received from such sites don’t match their expectations.

To avoid this, make sure that you evaluate and compare job sites before posting on them. For instance, some sites focus on specific industries like tech while others focus on part-time or temporary hires. So make sure that you find the right site that suits your business needs.

3. Get Social

Most hiring managers agree that social networks are a great way to source and hire the right talent. In fact, according to a report by Statista, 40% of employers stated that social media networks are a key source for finding and recruiting quality hires.

Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram can help you connect with quality candidates in your industry. Not just that, they can also help you learn more about the candidate before you start interviewing them.

4. Build Your Professional Network

You can widen your potential talent pool by networking with other professionals from your industry and related industries. Networking events can not only help you promote your business, but also help you build your professional network and provide access to a wider pool of talent while hiring employees.

Gautam Gupta, Co-Founder of NatureBox, says, “You’ve got to cultivate your network. So when you need to hire, you can reach out to people in your network for suitable recommendations and close your positions quickly.

5. Communicate Effectively

While many businesses send an automated reply to every job applicant, a majority of businesses fail to send any sort of response to all applicants. This makes the applicant feel that the company isn’t interested or doesn’t care about closing the position.

Even if you find that a particular applicant isn’t a good fit for a particular role, don’t sever all ties with the applicant. Save their information in your recruitment software or platform. A few months down the line, you might have another open position for which this applicant might be better suited. So, prompt replies and courteous feedback are a must for all applicants.

According to a survey by Fast Company, 55% of job seekers reported that they already had a good relationship with a company before they started looking for jobs there.

6. Leverage Employee Advocacy

Leveraging your employees as advocates for your company could prove beneficial in many ways. Employees are likely to feel more valued and put in greater effort to spreading the word about your open job roles. Additionally, as the adage goes, “Talent attracts talent.”

Your employees can become the unofficial brand ambassadors of your business, helping you acquire fresh talent. Use social media to help your brand reach a wider audience, not only just among customers, but also potential hires.

According to a report by Glassdoor, 76% of job seekers look for information on what makes a company a great place to work while searching for jobs. Videos of employees in which they share why they love working at your company or their testimonials are some creative ways to attract new talent.

7. Partner with RPOs

If you’re having a hard time finding and retaining the right talent, then RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is your best bet. These firms are more than recruitment agencies. They can help you overhaul your recruitment process from the top-down, thereby improving the candidate experience, work culture, and enhancing the efficiency of your task force.

According to a recent report, the number of firms that use RPO has risen to 40% in 2016, compared to just 11% in 2011.

An increasing number of businesses agree that by partnering with professional RPO, they not only close positions quickly but also see a significant reduction in attrition rates. This is because they can match the right talent with the right job, more effectively.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that hiring employees and retaining them is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. We hope these seven tips to source the best talent, help you fill open positions quickly and effectively.

Can you think of any other tips to hire the best talent? Share them with us in the comments below!

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